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Availability of Human Resources

I. Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA)

1. Sufficient Talents Pool
2. Highly-Competitive Talents Incentive System
3. High-level Talents Resource platform
4. Various Training channels
5. Special Public Apartment Service
6. Complete Social Insurance and public fund system

1. Sufficient Talents Pool

By the end of 2009, Tianjin had 6.77 million people employed, including 664,000 technical professionals, and 2.84 million personnel in six advantaged industries, namely electronic information, automobile, petrochemical, metallurgy, biotechnology and modern medicine, new energy and environmental protection.

Tianjin is rich in higher education resources, and has 55 higher education institutions including famous universities such as Nankai University and Tianjin University, which supply a total of about 60,000 graduates annually involving electronic information, food and beverage, machinery and vehicles, biological medicine, modern service industry and other key industries. 30 educational institutions, including Tianjin University of Science & Technology, TEDA College of Nankai University are located in Tianjin Economic -Technological Development Area (hereinafter referred to as TEDA).

As of the end of 2010, TEDA has 419,200 employees, including 170,000 management personnel and technical professionals and 205,000 high-quality skilled personnel. It had introduced a total of 698 senior personnel, established 54 post-doctoral stations, built 23 post-doctoral innovation bases, and introduced a total of 202 post-doctoral personnel.

TEDA has set up talent supply bases in 50 colleges and technical vocation schools across China, and established 65 internship bases for college students and 20 human resource training bases. It cooperates extensively with various bases to build adequate human resource reserves through the establishment of TEDA scholarships, campus recruitment, talents clubs, providing training subsidies, and subsidization for job agencies.

2. Highly-Competitive Talents Incentive System

TEDA encourages various talents to start the career path here!

 Leadership Talents

 (1)Leadership Talents for entrepreneurial:refers to the talents or technology innovation team who owns major technology innovation projects to promote pillar industries, key fields and technologies complying with TEDA development plan, and also brings technology and capital to TEDA to be engaged in industrialization.
 (2)Leadership Talents for R&D: refers to Academicians of CAE & CAS or the leaders for certain fields and technology, or being engaged in transferring of R&D results for the enterprises in TEDA in a long-term.

High-level Talents

 (1)the 1st Host for the programs awarded as higher level than the third-class prize of National Technology Advance Award, or two members of the programs awarded as champion; or the 1st Host for the programs awarded as champion in Tianjin Technology Advance Award;
 (2)the talents being granted by special awards by State Council, or awarded as "middle-aged or young experts with outstanding contributions", "Tianjin Experts", "experts invited by Tianjin Municipality";
 (3)the 1st Host for the programs granted with special financial aid by national-level or provincial level technological projects;
 (4)the talents gaining PhD or owning high-level special technological profession certification; title;
 (5)overseas high-level talents returning to China;
 (6)owns patents or industrializes domestic advanced technologies in TEDA, while owns shares not lower than 10% of the company or R&D organization.

Management Talents

 Refers to the talents being positioned higher than managers in the enterprises who are responsible for operation or management, who have the degree higher than bachelor or have mid-level profession certification for management, and contribute to the company operations, with annual salary higher than 150,000 RMB.

Special-Engineering Talents

 Refers to the talents occupying the key positions of productions or R&D in the company, who have the degree higher than bachelor or have mid-level profession certification for special technology, and contribute to the company production or R&D, with annual salary higher than 100,000 RMB.

Highly-Technique Talents

 Refers to the talents occupying the key positions of productions or R&D in the company, who have profession technology qualification higher than technician, and win "technology award of China", "Outstanding Technician of China", "Outstanding Technician of Tianjin" "National Technical Experts","Technical Experts in Tianjin" and "Technicians with Outstanding Contribution of Tianjin".

Introducing Talents: Green Pass for HR Service!

Applying for Tianjin ID (Hukou): Various talents (including spouse and children complying with related regulations) applications for Tianjin ID (Hukou) will be handled in priority, and the employee ID transferring will be handled for the enterprises and R&D organizations moving into TEDA in formed way.

Financial Aid for talents introduction: TEDA will offer the financial aid for the talents introduction from outside TEDA, of the leadership talents, high-level talents.

Talents apartments, leasing rental subsidy and family settlement subsidy:

 -- 1 million RMB will be offered to entrepreneurial leadership talents house purchasing subsidy, and also 200,000 RMB as family settlement subsidy;

 -- Free apartment and leasing rental subsidy will be offered for leadership talents of R&D and high-level talents of entrepreneurial;

 -- White-collar apartment and government houses will be provided for the other talents complying with the regulation.

Talents training: to support various talents developing in TEDA!

Internationalized talents training: each year certain financial aid will be offered for the overseas training programs of a certain number of outstanding special technique talents, which the maximum is 10,000 RMB.

Training of special technique talents: for the training programs complying with <List of talents development of key fields in TEDA>, the training expenditure will be subsidized by 25%, with maximum of 1000 RMB per capita per year. The overseas training program for R&D staff, maximum will be 20,000 RMB per employee, and for domestic ones, shall be 3000 RMB per employee.

Training of technician: For the technician training programs of the enterprise, 25% of the expenditure will be subsidized for initial technician, 30% for mid-level ones, and 35% for the high-level ones.

Outsourcing talents training: Service outsourcing enterprises, according to an annual increase of the number of employees given training in core positions subsidies indicators. Upper limit of 500 per year for each company, the maximum 4,500 yuan per person per year. Subsidies for a period of 3 years. Core positions of employees of the total number of employees by 70%. Training institutions for service outsourcing training college training institutions for service outsourcing talents, knowledge and skills through training of service outsourcing assessment, and service outsourcing enterprises with the region more than 2 years signed labor contracts, training institutions to give no more than 500 yuan per person a fixed training support.

Awards for Talents: to stimulate the innovation of talents!

Special awards for various talents: Being financially supported by fiscal revenue each year, special awards will be granted to various talents complying with related regulations, which will be a continuous 5 years after one year payment of individual income tax to TEDA.

Awards for recommended talents: The talents who are recommended by TEDA and are qualified as Academicians of CAE & CAS will be awarded by a lump-sum 500,000 RMB; as "experts with government special awards", "Experts qualified by Tianjin", "mid-aged and young experts with outstanding contribution", "experts employed by Tianjin Municipality" will be awarded by lump-sum 20,000 RMB.

Awards for Hosts of R&D projects: For the R&D projects and results transferring programs in TEDA, in case of being granted by national or provincial level financial aid, the 1st host of the projects will be awarded by 2% of the above aid, with maximum of 100,000 RMB.

Awards for high-level technique talents: The talents being qualified as national-level or Tianjin-level outstanding technician, will be awarded by a lump-sum 20,000 RMB and 10,000 RMB respectively, the ones being qualified as technician, high-level technicians will be awarded by a monthly 200 RMB and 400 RMB respectively in the following 2 years.

Developing of post-doctors: platforms for high-level talents by advanced incentives all over China

Subsidy for station setting-up and entering: The enterprises who establish post-doctor station and innovation on-site base will be subsidized respectively by 50,000 RMB and 30,000 RMB for R&D expenditure; the post-doctors who enter the stations and bases will be subsidized respectively each year by 50,000 RMB and 30,000 RMB.

Free apartment: one free high-level talents apartment will be offered during the 2 years in the stations.

Subsidy for purchasing house: The post-doctors working in TEDA after being out from the stations, further 100,000 RMB will be subsidized for purchasing house.

Awards for results: The post-doctors publishing SCI or EI thesis will be awarded by 10,000 RMB, and the ones being awarded by national-level or provincial level for the thesis will be awarded respectively by 100,000 RMB and 50,000 RMB.

Talents working support: to provide the overall good environment for various talents

Entrepreneurial support for leadership talents: the Entrepreneurial leadership talents after being evaluated to be complying with related regulations, TEDA will offer 1 million RMB as start-up funds, for the investment for R&D and industrialization during the initial stage.

Entrepreneurial support for overseas talents returning to China: by establishing Binhai innovation and Entrepreneurial base for overseas talents returning to China, TEDA will encourage and support the career and business development of overseas talents.

Scholarship and Teaching Aid: Teacher Award: TEDA Scholarship and TEDA Teaching Aid will be set up in key universities and colleges, and the scholarship with jointly naming with the companies will be subsidized with a maximum of 50,000 RMB.

Award for talents in hygiene and education fields: for the high-level talents introduced to hygiene and education fields, the related awards will be implemented according to the related talents awards.

6) youth employment training base: business platform for the selection of talent!

Policy and financial support: the student government subsidies and foreign colleges and universities for students in Tianjin, will focus on personnel training and the promotion of industry employment in close connection with students, help students grow in practice.

Quality and efficient service: to help enterprises to apply for setting up a youth employment training base, recruiting trainees, to apply for student subsidies. My area of youth employment service outsourcing training base can enjoy a broader range of hire interns.

3. High-level Talents Resource platform

TEDA Human Resource Service Center is belonged to TEDA Labor Bureau, which is an institutions, to be responsible for TEDA HR management, development and scheme configuration.

Establish high-level job fair, to provide service with the platform: TEDA HR Center hold the first job fair in June of 1995, and with 14 years experience, the job fair has been constructed as one of the most influential and welcomed major stream job fairs in Tianjin.

With the advanced information tools to establish the internet recruitment platform: in the year 2008, traffic of www.tedahr.com exceeded 22.06 million times, with almost 380,000 resumes reserved in the talent pool, which has been regarded as the most influential and most potential HR recruitment website in Tianjin.

Promoting Head Hunting capacity to create value for clients: To satisfy with the high-level talents demands, TEDA HR Center adopted professional Head Hunting service, and almost 80 high-level management and technique talents has been provided to Motorola°ĘSamsung°ĘPanasonic, Coca Cola, Pepsi, CTS etc., as well state-owned and private enterprises, with manager, finance director, HR director, plant manager, sales director, project director, R&D engineer etc. The service has won the recognition and positive comments from the clients, which has set up the brand of "TEDA Head Hunting" in the field.

Occupy the print media for recruitment: After cooperating with <North China Economy> to create the special column of "TEDA HR", TEDA started cooperation with <Daily News> in 2005, to open weekly recruitment as "TEDA HR-New Career", so as to utilize the print media platforms to open new recruitment channels and create the complete talents recruitment platform.

4. Various Training channels

Complete Training platform and media: Tianjin Binhai Vocational Training Center is the major media and platform for the career technology training in TEDA and Binhai New area, which basically solved the problems of facilities for vocational technique training. At the same time TEDA Hr Service Center and other training organizations also take part in the whole training structure which has been more dynamic and affluent.

Incentive System to be completed for training: TEDA encourages the companies to adopt career and technology training programs, and will subsidize 20% for the training expenditure and 100% for the qualification in case the trainee passing the test and gaining by national professional technique certification. TEDA will start regular free training programs and non-profit training for immigrant employee.

Professional, Special, Practical Training: According to the 9 pillar industries master plan of TEDA and the demands of technique, through the methods of on-site training, demanded training for employment and non-profit training programs, the advanced concept, curriculum, faculty and equipment shall be introduced into TEDA, so as to create the professional, special and practical training platform to satisfy with the industries demands.

5. Special Public Apartment Service

In order to optimize the whole investment environment, and lower the operation cost of the companies, TEDA has planned and constructed various public apartment, to provide public service for the high-level talents as well the immigrant workers of the companies in TEDA. The characteristics of the apartment are as followed:

Scientific planning and reasonable matching: in accordance with the industries master plan and employment population, TEDA public apartment are located in TEDA main zone, TEDA West, and 3 sub-zones (MIP, Hangu, YSP) to facilitate the leasing by the companies.

Various types and multi-choice: according to the level of the residents, the companies can choose high-level apartments, government house (under construction), white-collar apartment and normal apartments (blue-collar), and all the apartments are only for leasing instead of selling, and only for enterprises instead of individuals.

Complete facility and professional management: the construction and management of the apartment is modern and humanized, with shopping, entertainment, cafeteria, medical clinic etc around, and professional property management, which are operated in the principles of public and less profit.

Overall and safe service: Labor coordinator will be set in a long-term. The apartment also provides various non-profit public training programs, team work activities and career aid service etc. The safety emergency plan for accidents and irregular safety inspection will be carried out, to provide overall and safe service.

The chart of the basic information of TEDA public apartment




Requirements for application

High-level talents apartment Cuiheng TEDA main zone Basic furniture, kitchen, washroom appliance, showers (1)high-level talents
(2)high-level overseas talents returning to China
(3)post-doctors working for post-doctor stations or innovation practice bases in TEDA companies
Yinzhu TEDA main zone Basic furniture, kitchen, washroom appliance, showers
White-collar apartment Ruijia TEDA main zone Independent washroom, kitchen area, apartment public
including: Public cafeteria, public laundry room, reading room, security etc.,
Each room with basic furniture in, with supervising system and door system installed.  
(1)high-level talents;
(2)operation & management talents
(3)special technique engineers
(4)high-level technicians  
Ruixin TEDA main zone
TEDA main zone
& Constructed by Government
Tianbin TEDA main zone Basic furniture, kitchen and
washroom appliance.Public facilities: public management room, activities room, public laundry, reading room,
room, clinic
room, and
cafeteria etc.  
Employee working for the companies registered in TEDA
Tianrun TEDA main zone
by social
TEDA main zone Basic furniture, kitchen and
shower, and
some rooms
with air-conditioners.
Public facilities: public management room, activities room, public laundry, reading room,
room, clinic
room, meeting
room and
cafeteria etc.  
Employee working for the companies registered in TEDA
ang (East)
Haiyan TEDA West
ang (West)
Hangu TEDA Hangu
Dacheng in YSP TEDA YSP
public house
TEDA main zone No furniture
and home
To be confirmed

6. Complete Social Insurance and public fund system

1)Social Insurance catalogue and proportion in TEDA

The current social insurance system of TEDA includes 5 catalogues: Pension, Medical, Injury, un-employment, maternity & children insurances. The current social insurance system has been complied with what in Tianjin, the related proportions are as followed:

Social Insurance Proportion




Maternity & Children























Note: In 2011, respectively, upper and lower limits of social insurance contributions 1720 yuan, 9380 yuan.

2) Migrant workers-comprehensive insurance policy

In principle of "keep the basic with multi-levels", TEDA adopts comprehensive insurance policy for migrant workers, that is to say, since Feb. of 2009, for the migrant workers set up labor relation with various companies in TEDA, who own agricultural ID (Hukou), and comply with related working age regulations of the country, the employer can pay the social insurance in "2% of the comprehensive insurance of Injury & Medical, 20% of Pension, 2% of Un-employment, 0.8% of Maternity " (total 24.8% paid by the companies)

3) Basic Medical Insurance for residents

Since Jan. 1st of 2008, Tianjin adopted the basic medical insurance for residents with major content of serious coordination, which TEDA has executed in an active way. This social insurance covers juvenile such as students in the colleges etc, handicapped labors, old residents without quality to gain the basic pension insurance, and migrant workers from outside Tianjin. At the same time, accordingly TEDA will subsidize the insured persons who pay the fee in TEDA.

4)Housing Fund

In 2011, for normal employee, enterprises shall pay 11%-15% based on the last year average monthly salary of the employee, and the employee shall pay 11%-15%. The upper limitation of the house fund temporarily is RMB11,193. In accordance with the current related policy, the overseas invested companies which employ migrant workers and provide apartment, can choose not to pay the house fund temporarily.

II. Tianjin

Tianjin has a population of 10.75 million, and an employed population of 3.1 million, of which there are more than 2 million industrial workers.

Tianjin has a solid strength of education and scientific research. By the end of 2006, it had had:

  • 44 universities, 230 professional disciplines, a gross enrollment rate of higher education is more than 50%, more than 380,000 college students, 357 thousand undergraduate students and junior college students, 3.1 million graduate students, and an average length of education of new work force is more than 14 years.
  • 2 state-level model higher vocational colleges, 65 national, provincial and ministerial key secondary vocational schools and 4 national medium and higher-level teacher training bases of vocational education.
  • more than 90% of a dissemination rate of senior high school education, and an enrollment of 217,000 students. 
  • a total number of 141 post-doctoral research stations and mobile stations, and more than 500 post-doctors at stations.
  • 31 academicians of CAS & CAE, 179 people with the titles of the country's middle-aged and young experts who have made outstanding contributions, 4043 experts who enjoy special government allowances, 33 people who have been selected into the "Talent Project in the New Millennium," 20 people who have won the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and 40 distinguished professors who have been enrolled in "Cheung Kong Scholars Program." 
  • a total number of 710 thousand skilled workers in the city's business units, of which senior technicians and technicians account for 5%, high-level workers 21%, mid-level workers 34%, and elementary workers 40%. 236 thousand people obtained professional qualification certificates in 2006.
  • 5 national key laboratories and 50 city-level and ministerial-level laboratories.
  • 27 national-level and ministerial-level testing centers.
  • 17 national-level and ministerial-level engineering research centers, 26 municipal engineering centers, 14 national-level enterprise technical centers, and 200 corporate technology centers.

Planning for Higher Education System in Tianjin

  • According to the plan, a four-level higher education system will be completed in Tianjin city in the next 5 years:
  • Two world-famous high-level research universities: Nankai University and Tianjin University
  • Five comprehensive universities in science &technology and economic & trade categories that put equal emphasis on undergraduate education and scientific research:
  • Tianjin University of Technology, featuring information technology; 
    Tianjin Polytechnic University, featuring materials science;
    Tianjin Institute of Light Industry, featuring marine chemical industry and bioengineering;
    Tianjin University of Commerce, featuring business and economics;
    Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, featuring finance and economics.
  • About ten colleges with priority to undergraduate education, each having their own characteristics;
  • About 20 higher technical colleges that give priority to junior college education, community colleges that give priority to further education, and a small number of adult colleges.

    Attached: A Distributing Chart of Colleges and Universities in Northern China

III. Tianjin Binhai New Area

  • There are more than 1.4 million resident population in the area, of which 407,000 were immigrants, accounting for 29.28 percent of Tianjin's immigrants. The population is mainly composed of the young and middle-aged. 15-to-64-year-old resident alien population accounts for 82.74 percent, 20-to-45-year-olds account for 58.75%. 
  • There are 23 thousand professional technical personnel among the 550 thousand employees in the area.  
  • Establish a multi-level scientific and technological innovation system and business base for technological talented people, with 42 national and municipal scientific research institutes, 39 large research and development centers of enterprises and 27 post-doctoral workstations. 
  • Aiming at the demands of the construction of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry in Binhai New Area, foster high-quality and skill-typed personnel. In future, the vocational education of Tianjin will focus on the building of 8 large "Training Bases for Deficient skilled Talents in Binhai New Area," involving aviation-manufacturing, petroleum, chemical industry, electronics, modern logistics, financial outsourcing and other industries.

Eight large "Training Bases for Deficient Skillful Talents in Binhai New Area" include:  

  • Airbus A320 training base, the training task of which will be assumed by Tianjin Sino-Germany Vocational Training Center (AFZ) and Tianjin Vocational Institute. 
  • Megaton ethylene personnel training base, the training task of which will be assumed by Tianjin Engineering Technical Institute and Tianjin Petroleum Vocational and Technical College. 
  • 10 Million-ton oil refining base, the training task of witch will be assumed by Tianjin Engineering Technical Institute and Tianjin Petroleum Vocational and Technical College. 
  • Training base of Bohai Chemical Industry Park, the training task of which will be assumed by Tianjin Bohai Vocational Technical College. 
  • Training base for skilled personnel of seamless steel pipe, the training task of which will be assumed by Tianjin Technical College of Metallurgy. 
  • Training base for skilled personnel of electronic information industry, the training task of which will be assumed by Electronic Information Vocational Technology College. 
  • Training base for personnel of outsourcing financial services, the training task of which will be assumed by Tianjin Institute of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade. 
  • Training base for personnel of modern logistics, the training task of which will be assumed by Tianjin Transportation Vocational College and Tianjin Maritime Vocational Institute.

China Services International Tianjin Binhai

  • China Services International was established in September, 2002. Since its establishment, it has pursued the management philosophy of "basing on the society, standardizing the management, innovating the services, and integrity and high efficiency," has established a cooperative relationship with more than 300 organizations of experts, training bodies, junior colleges, and scientific research institutes in various countries around the world. It has possessed unobstructed channels of international cooperation and a large number of domestic business networks. With the Binhai New Area listed on the national "11th Five-Year Development Plan," multinational corporations have one after another set up in the new area technology R & D centers, and thus a number of internationally competitive positions appeared, which has had considerable appeal to the international high-level personnel. At the same time, a considerable number of high-level talents in Binhai New Area need to be more open to the world so as to exchange and learn, so the building of high-level international talent market in line with market demands will achieve a good economic and social effects. Tianjin Binhai China Services International was set up on January 30, 2007. It will set up a platform of communication and exchange for the two sides of supply and demand°™overseas intellectual resources and the employers in the Circum-Bohai region, to promote the development of overseas talent-intermediary business and the rational flow and allocation of international and domestic talents, and strengthen the radiation and leading role of Binhai New Area in the international exchange of personnel in the Bohai Rim, serving for the further development & opening up of the Binhai New Area.